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Investment Strategy

Value-Add Real Estate Investments

How We Invest


We pursue investments that offer attractive returns relative to risk with a priority of preserving capital. We are conservative with our projections of cash flows and exit scenarios which has served us well through multiple market cycles.


Our underwriting approach translates to lower risk and more predictable investment returns for our partners. Revenue growth projections are based on hands-on appraisals of the market and reflect what is achievable. Expense projections are based on our extensive knowledge and experience operating real estate assets. We design capital expenditure programs based on market evidence of their true value and contribution to revenue growth and return on investment goals.


We believe in conservative capital structures that use moderate leverage. We consider unlevered returns when analyzing an investment opportunity and then apply leverage such that we maintain resiliency and sufficient debt coverage in downside scenarios.


We focus on the delivery of high-quality assets in excellent locations and prefer submarkets with high barriers to entry. We identify existing assets that are typically located in premium suburban and urban infill areas.


Our team serves as focused hands on asset managers for our projects. Our long term operational experience, diligent professionals and modern management systems maximize performance and real estate values for our investors.

Value-Add Investments

VW is constantly monitoring markets so that we can be opportunistic and take advantage of various market cycles where buying opportunities are created by economic downturns, high interest rate environments, periods of diminished liquidity, oversupply or other distress.

We Target

  • Multifamily Apartment Communities
  • Neighborhood Shopping Centers
  • Hotel to Apartment Conversions
  • Urban and Suburban Office Buildings

In all of our strategies, VW is highly focused on achieving meaningful spreads between stabilized, unlevered yields and projected exit cap rates. We focus our efforts on revenue growth and operational excellence.

Our Tactics

  • Aggressive Marketing and Leasing
  • Capturing Loss to Lease
  • Taking Advantage of Rent Arbitrage
  • Adding Ancillary Income
  • Hands on Asset Management
  • Renovating Building Interiors and Exteriors
  • Enhancing Amenities
  • Building Effective Operational Teams